About us

About Us

Poo And play isn’t a serious game studio. We have created some quick, and we hope fun, free games suitable for iphone / android / xoom and black berry.

Our games don’t pretend to have millions of downloads. We just want to make some fun while we code small but addictive games.
Our compagny is a division of Toilet games

Our aim is to produce one game per month. Please become a fan of our Facebook page or follow us on twitter so you can freely grab our new games as soo as they’re released.

What We Do Try To Do

  • Air and Ios games based on Flash / Air
  • Beat our high score while on the loo
  • Showing that J.Carmack isn’t the best coder
  • Make million dollar selling free app
  • Make people happy !
  • Be friends with Steve Jobs
  • Use toilet paper to draw our game’s art